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3PL – Third Party Logistics

Premium Brand Fulfillment is your partner in 3PL.


Premium Brand Fulfillment is focused on improving the customer’s supply chain. We leveraging our experience and expertise to reduce costs and increase efficiency. TheĀ accuracy and transparency of our services are unmatched among any other third party logistics (3PL) providers.

Our services are scalable and can be combined with other Premium Brand Fulfilment services to perfectly match your needs.

Warehouse function

Premium Brand Fulfillment takes care of all incoming, storaging and outgoing goods. Containers are unpacked and the goods are placed on stock. We have multiple facilities and the ability to add extra facilities in the blink of an eye, to storage your goods with care. The software we work with, is one of the most versatile and accurate softwares there is. It is made specifically for us and can communicate with any other system like SAP etcetera. The moment you need goods delivered, the system is sending us an signal to package the goods and it prints out the needed packinglist. We can do the following:

Inbound and outbound of containers, air cargo en pallets
Storage of goods
Stock management
Pick, pack and ship
Customs clearance


Why Premium Brand Fulfillment as you 3PL?

Premium Brand Fulfillment has the size, scale and experience to help with any warehousing and distribution challenge. Let us take care of your logistics.

You have more time for your core-business
Dynamic and scalable in our services
We respond quickly and accurately on urgent orders from the market
Delivery of stock in the morning and shipping it in the afternoon? No problem!
We have the best prices for you
Quality because we have experienced teams
Very thrustworthy, we keep our promises!
Personal attachment, we take care of your goods as they are our own